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Steele Visuals is a small production company focused on creating new and innovative ways to share stories through film and photography.


How we get from an idea to a finished product


We work directly with you to plan and understand your goals for the project you want to create. When we know your vision for the project, then we share our ideas with you. Then we choose the best ideas and start preparing for production.


Each film is captured using our camera equipment and any other rental equipment necessary for your project. After the film is shot, we edit your film using professional creative software. We always ask for your feedback during the editing process.


Films are compressed according to the platforms you plan to use them on. We deliver the completed film files to you through an online storage platform. We are always open to using other platforms, including Blu-ray Disc and DVD.

Whether you are looking for a short internet piece, searching for someone to build a commercial from the concept to the final product, or imagining a visual collection of still images and video highlighting your company in a new and compelling way, we would love to work with you.


  • Steele Visuals has done such an effective job creating compelling material for our overall marketing and communications work that many other university offices are now using these videos to reach out to specific audiences, especially incoming students.

    — Pat Lopes Harris, Media Relations Director at San José State University —
  • WE LOVE IT. As usual, you’ve done a great job at taking our very rough idea and truly crafting it into a great piece of narrative that captures the feeling we’re trying to convey.

    — Melanie Wong, Online Communications Manager at Save The Bay —
  • We needed a video that would show the real face of poverty in the families that struggle to get enough to eat, pay the rent and find work. Steele Visuals worked hard to understand our need and message and then created the engaging images and sounds we use each day to help motivate others to join the fight against poverty.

    — Jay Pecot, Director of Development at Sacred Heart Community Service —


A few of the remarkable stories we’ve helped people capture

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